Supervisors Restrict Powers Of Dodge County Board Leadership

(Juneau) The Dodge County Board Tuesday night approved a rule change amendment that more clearly defines the roles of the board chairman, vice-chairman and second vice-chairman. The resolution states that the elected positions have no powers other than to provide leadership to the board, plan and conduct meetings effectively as well as meeting management. It further states that all actions shall be taken by a quorum of the county board or a quorum of a committee.

The matter was brought forth by Supervisor David Guckenberger along with the support of Kira Sheahan-Malloy, Jeff Berres and Cathy Houchin. They say that the roles need to be spelled out to ensure that all 33 board members have equal say in all matters.

Guckenberger highlighted a recent conversation he had with a former department head who said they met with Board Chairman Russ Kottke, Vice-Chair David Frohling and Second Vice-Chair Joseph Marsik – in one of their homes – to discuss a personnel matter. He says that practice cannot continue and that all decisions should be made by every member of the county board.

Frohling says he agrees with the resolution and that it will not change anything that he does which is to provide leadership to the board.

Listen to the entire board meeting here: