Super Bowl Ring Auction Higher Than Expected

8/6/11 – A Super Bowl ring given to Green Bay Packers’ star Fuzzy Thurston was sold at an auction Thursday night for two-and-a-half times more than expected. The ring was from Super Bowl-Two in the late 1960’s, and it sold for 50-thousand-788 dollars. Heritage Auctions of suburban Chicago had expected 20-thousand for it. The federal government required the sale to help Thurston pay one-point-seven million dollars in back taxes. His tax troubles were first publicized earlier this year, and some Packer fans had hoped somebody would buy the ring and give it back to Thurston. We’re not sure if that will happen. Chris Ivy of Heritage Auctions said the buyer wanted to stay anonymous – and it’s not known what the person will do with the ring. The 77-year-old Thurston got into tax trouble after his playing days. Authorities said his former restaurant chain withheld federal income taxes from its employees, but did not pay all the money to the I-R-S. Thurston was ordered to pay 190-thousand dollars in 1984. But that never happened. And with interest, the charge ballooned to around one-point-seven million.