Sun Prairie Man Gets Sixth OWI In Dodge County

8/9/11 – A Sun Prairie man was arrested for Sixth Offense OWI in Dodge County around noon on Saturday. Authorities say Robert Harris was stopped near Oak Grove at the intersection of State Highway 26 and County Highway A. The deputy says his first indication that the driver was impaired came when he apparently stopped at the “stop ahead” sign instead of the actual “stop” sign. The 40-year-old then proceeded southbound on Highway 26 to the intersection of State Highway 60 and appeared to want to make a right-hand turn. Because it was a T-intersection, he could only make a left turn and that’s when the deputy initiated the traffic stop. Harris allegedly had a blood alcohol level of point one-nine-nine (.199). Because the legal limit for a driver with five previous OWI convictions is point zero-two (.02), his blood level was technically ten times the legal limit for driving. During the arrest, his intoxicated passenger accused the deputy of “harassing a good driver and not stopping the real drunk drivers.” Sixth offense OWI carries a minimum jail term of six months and a maximum of six years as well as fines between $600 – $10,000, and license revocation of two to three years. Should the drivers Blood Alcohol Concentration come back in excess of point-one-seven (.17), the fines can be doubled. Harris has five previous OWI convictions dating back to 1992 with the most recent in 2003.