Sun Prairie Man Accused Of Luring Beaver Dam Minors Through Social Media

(Beaver Dam) A Sun Prairie man is facing multiple charges for allegedly having inappropriate contact with several minors in Beaver Dam. Albert Gonzales is facing a dozen felonies including Repeated Sexual Assault of the Same Child, Child Enticement, Child Sexual Exploitation, Possession of Child Pornography and Second Degree Sexual Assault.

In April of 2017, a 16-year-old contacted Beaver Dam police and reported that she was in a sexual relationship with Gonzales between January and March of that year. The minor said that she met the 25-year-old through his girlfriend, who was also underage. The victim provided Facebook messages to police between herself and Gonzales that reportedly included conversations about them having sex and the transfer of illicit pictures.

In April of last year, investigators also made contact with an 18-year-old who allegedly said that she and Gonzales had a sexual relationship when she was thirteen. She also provided incriminating Facebook messages that allegedly included lewd conversation and images.

Last April, Gonzales’ girlfriend came forward to speak with police. At the time, she was seventeen-years-old and informed police that she and Gonzales entered into a relationship two years prior. According to the criminal complaint, she said she was engaged to Gonzales but she broke up with him and added that she felt like a (quote) “prisoner.”

Police issued a search warrant for Gonzales’ Facebook account and reportedly discovered numerous other attempts to lure young girls. If convicted on all charges, Gonzales is facing a combined maximum of 352 years in prison. A warrant has been issued for his arrest.