Sturgeon Spearing Slows On Second Day

(Winnebago) Sturgeon spearing slowed down on the second day of the season Sunday. Only 261 fish were taken on Lake Winnebago and the Upriver Lakes. On Lake Winnebago, 211 sturgeon were registered, and on the Upriver Lakes only 50.

The Pipe registration station continues to see the highest harvest of the season, with a daily total of 59 fish. Five fish taken yesterday were over 100 pounds. 

Samuel O’Connell speared a gigantic 162.6 pound fish that measured 76.1 inches in length. He took that female sturgeon on Lake Poygan. The last fish comparable in size taken on an Upriver lake was in 2012.

Warm weather prevented many spearers from taking to the ice. About 3,000 fewer ice shanties were on the ice at the start of the season Saturday.

Through the first two days of the season a total of 783 fish were taken on Lake Winnebago and the Upriver Lakes and 26 of them have weighed more than 100 pounds.