Student Rapist Denied New Trial

7/13/11 – The Wisconsin Supreme Court says it will not reverse a decision it made a year ago involving the gang rape of a U-W Whitewater student. The court refused Tuesday to grant a new trial to Dimitri Henley of Illinois. He and two others were accused of raping a female freshman at Whitewater in 1998. Henley was convicted in 2000 – but a Jefferson County circuit judge awarded a new trial eight years later, after a federal appeals court had granted a second trial for one of the other defendants. The State Supreme Court reversed the ruling last summer. The justices said Henley was trying to use civil statutes to ask for a new criminal trial – and that’s not allowed. Henley asked the court to reconsider. But today, the justices said they would only reconsider the case if another legal precedent was overlooked – or if new evidence turns up.