Storms Roll Through Area Knocking Out Power

7/7/17 – Storms moved through southern Wisconsin last night, triggering thunderstorm warnings, downing limbs and utility lines and knocking out power to thousands. Initially after the storm, Alliant Energy reported 96 separate outages statewide with 2500 customers losing their power. As of 7am that number is down to 69 outages with 786 customers out. There are only a handful of scattered outages in the Dodge County-area. Alliant also handled 58 outages in Columbia County that affected 1200 customers. As of 7am, there were 40 outages with 600 customers out. We Energies reported 6500 customers without power statewide with about 1000 customers in the Watertown area initially without service. Crews have been working throughout the night to restore power. We Energies has reduced the outages to 42 with just over 1100 affected. Power has been restored to nearly everyone in the Watertown area as of 7am. In Beaver Dam, multiple tree limbs snapped taking down power lines on Park Avenue, South University and Haskell Street. A tree on Park Avenue was completely uprooted. A funnel cloud was spotted near Hayward in the far northwest, and virtually all regions of the state report at least some hail. Softball sized hail fell near Trempealeau, breaking numerous windows — winds up to 60 were reported at Seymour, and trees and power lines fell in much of the Door County tourist area.