Stop Sign Going Up Wednesday On North Spring Street At Woodland Drive

(Beaver Dam) A stop sign is being installed Wednesday on North Spring Street at Woodland Drive in Beaver Dam. The stop sign is part of an intergovernmental agreement between the city and the Town of Beaver Dam related to the Elser’s Woods subdivision. A new apartment complex is being developed nearby in the city, leading to increased traffic on Woodland Drive.

That same agreement will result of an extension of Woodland Drive to the new complex. The city will also have to pay to rebuild the township-owned portion of Woodland Drive by the end of the month and is responsible for ongoing maintenance. A barrier at Woodland Drive’s current dead-end is being removed. The road will eventually extend all the way to Commercial Drive, which connects with Highway 33, within the next two years.

The agreement also states that the city of Beaver Dam would only annex the Elser’s Woods and Shady Oaks subdivisions by petition of the majority of the property owners in each township subdivision. The agreement also establishes weight limits for Woodland Drive, essentially limiting use to cars and light trucks.

The stop signs will be temporary with the city responsible for installing traffic lights or a roundabout at North Spring and Woodland by the end of the 2021 construction season.