Still No Dodge County Housing For Two Violent Sex Offenders

1/27/17 – Still no success in placing two violent sex offenders in Dodge County.  At Robert Larson’s review hearing yesterday, it was stated that the Department of Health Services has not found suitable housing for Larson and fellow Chapter 980 offender, Jonathan Miller. While roughly four dozen locations have been reviewed since the last update was provided in December, none of the houses met the necessary criteria.  Previous placement attempts for Larson and Miller in Brownsville, Reeseville, and Lomira each failed, and the attempted Brownsville placement led to state Act 156, which was enacted last March and prohibits the placement of violent sex offenders on any adjoining property within 1,500 feet of a child’s residence.  Previous law only restricted properties within 1,500 feet of places children might commonly gather, like schools, churches, and parks.  Until suitable housing is found, both men are staying at Sandridge Secure Detention Facility in Mauston.  Larson has another review hearing set for March 13.  Miller has a telephone scheduling conference set for February 3.