State Senate Candidate Schmitz Says There Is A Place For Third Parties

(Sun Prairie) The candidates in the special election for Scott Fitzgerald’s vacated seat in State Senate District 13 are appearing this week on WBEV’s Community Comment. Ben Schmitz, with the American Solidarity Party, is a small business owner from Sun Prairie who serves in the Wisconsin National Guard.

“I think that there’s a place for third parties in general,” he says, “especially the American Solidarity Party, we are pro-life and pro-women, pro-poor and also pro-fiscal responsibility we need to help the worker and also [the] free market.” 

Schmitz says on the topic of police reform and accountability he supports body cameras for the protection of the public and especially the officer. When it comes to choke holds in use of force situations, he says they should be classified as “deadly force” and only used in life-or-death circumstances.  

Because a choke hold can be lethal and that needs to be acknowledged,” he says, “but we also allow our officers to use lethal force in extreme situations and so it’s a combination of classifying certain measures by lethality and then assigning those measures, or classes, to certain kinds of risk situations.” 

On Community Comment Wednesday, our guest is Republican John Jagler, Thursday we welcome Democrat Melissa Winker and we round out our coverage on Friday with Trump Conservative Party candidate Spencer Zimmerman. You will be able to hear all four interviews on after the final guest appears on Friday afternoon. The special election race will appear on the April 6 general election ballot.