State Rep Optimistic Budget Will Be Ready Next Month

6/17/17 – State Representative Mark Born is optimistic a state budget will be in place by this time next month. The three-term Beaver Dam Republican sits on the state’s Joint Finance Committee which is tasked with budget preparations. Some years, a budget was not in place until the fall but other years Born says it’s been mid-to-late July and legislators are on pace to meet that timeline. He says every two years, the public and the media tends to fixate on a July 1 budget adoption date because that is the date that a new two-year-budget starts. Born says the July 1 date is not really an issue because, the way the system is set-up in Wisconsin, operations continue at current funding levels until a budget is adopted. It had been two weeks before Joint Finance met this past Thursday, as Governor Scott Walker and majority Republicans in both houses disagreed on highway funding, taxes, and levels of state aid for public schools. Born refutes suggestions that the legislators are “stuck” and says the major issues in question are just more challenging.  On WBEV’s Community Comment yesterday, he said that if the budget is not adopted by the time he is scheduled to appear on next month’s program, he would agree that the process is “struck.”