State Patrol Announces Completion of Fallen Officer Memorial

(Wisconsin) A new memorial stands at the Wisconsin State Patrol Academy as a tribute to eight state troopers who lost their lives on duty. The memorial lists the names of eight troopers killed throughout the 83-year-history of the State Patrol. All died while carrying out their duty to serve the people of Wisconsin. This is the first memorial dedicated solely in their honor. Trooper Trevor Casper is one of the troopers listed on the Memorial. He was 21-years-old on March 24th, 2015, when he lost his life. He was following a vehicle driven by a suspect from a bank robbery and murder that occurred earlier in the day. Before the backup could arrive, the suspect opened fire on Trooper Casper. Though wounded, he was able to return fire and kill the suspect before succumbing to his fatal injuries. The gun battle occurred in Fond du Lac.