State Health Officials: Get Vaccine That Is Available To You

(Wisconsin) A lot of people in Wisconsin and elsewhere wonder which coronavirus vaccine they should get.

The simple answer, according experts, is to get the one that’s available to you. “We have three different vaccines that were shown to be vastly superior to placebo, in carefully conducted trials, in multiple countries around the world. That’s the bottom line,” Wisconsin’s chief medical officer, Dr. Ryan Westergaard.

“When we have safe and effective vaccines, we recommend people use them, and we don’t make the determination or the recommendation of preferring one or the other,” Westergaard said. “The other thing to know, is that with respect to the most important outcomes, deaths and hospitalizations due COVID-19, all three of the vaccines were virtually 100 percent effective. So there was very little, there’s no variation among the trial participants, in preventing those most severe outcomes of death and hospitalizations.”

The Food and Drug Administration has granted emergency use authorization to three different vaccines. The two dose Pfizer and Moderna vaccines were approved in December. The single dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine was approved in late February.


Courtesy of WRN