State Closer To Requiring Work, Drug Screens To Get Medicaid

5/28/17 – Wisconsin is one step closer to being the first in the nation to make lower income, able bodied adults seek jobs and pass drug screenings to get Medicaid. The state Legislature’s finance panel voted 12-4 Thursday to go along with Governor Scott Walker’s plans, but to review them further before they take effect. Republicans say the measures would encourage more people to be independent, but Democrats say the drug tests are expensive and not effective. Childless adults would need 80 hours per month of work or job training to get Badger Care — those below the poverty line would pay one to $10 monthly for their coverage — and premium breaks would be given to those with healthy behaviors. Also, the work mandate for those getting FoodShare benefits would be extended to adults of school age kids, instead of just childless able bodied adults in a pilot program that the committee decided not to expand statewide before 2020.