Spillman System In Place

7/3/17 – All the pieces have now fallen into place for the Dodge County Sheriff’s Department’s new countywide records management system. Spillman will link 17 local municipal law enforcement agencies together. Sheriff Dale Schmidt announced on WBEV’s Community Comment that the last police agency in the county has signed-on. Schmidt says the Theresa Police Department is now on board. Spillman will replace New World which was launched three years ago. Schmidt says New World has been a disaster that continues to be a difficult system to work with even though enough work-arounds to deal with the bugs have been found to get the department by. The sheriff tells us that everything is on pace for the new records management system to go live, countywide on December 11. He says they will not go live if they are not ready. In the meantime, the department is in the process of a “mock go-live” testing the system. In the next month, files will begin to be transferred from New World to Spillman. Schmidt says the last records transfer to New World did not go well and a lot of  information was lost. Steps are being taken to ensure that does not happen again with the records being first transferred to a separate data base to avoid corrupting data in the new system.