South Central Wisconsin Region Saw Little Change In Year-To-Date Vehicle Sales Compared To 2017

(Dodge County) This year’s local vehicle sales are nearly identical to last year’s but have dropped slightly. The Waterloo-based industry tracking firm Reg-Trak says the nine-county, south central Wisconsin region saw a point-two-four-percent (0.24-percent) decrease in motor vehicle sales in the first seven months of this year compared to the same period in 2017 with just 64 fewer vehicles sold in 2018. Truck sales were up 8-percent while care sales decreased by 19-percent. In Dodge County, there was a six-percent, year-to-date increase over last year with 2,150 cars and light trucks rolling off dealer lots. Truck sales in Dodge County led the way with a 16-percent increase compared to a 28-percent drop in car sales. Columbia County experienced a 2-percent overall increase with 1,500 vehicles sold. Over 1,200 of those vehicles were trucks which is an increase of 6-percent compared to the first seven months of 2017. Car sales in Columbia County totaled nearly 300 vehicle sales, a drop of 12-percent. So far this year, dealerships in Jefferson County sold around 1-percent more vehicles than the same time period last year, at around 1,500. Truck sales in Jefferson County were up ten percent while car sales saw a 20-percent decrease.