Some BD School Board Members Fined

7/13/11 – Seven members of the Beaver Dam School Board have been fined $50 plus court costs for violating the states Open Meetings Law. A complaint was filed with District Attorney Kurt Klomberg last month by Beaver Dam resident Dan Grulke claiming the district violated the law by discussing tentative contract agreements with unions during the closed session portion of a meeting held on June 6. Klomberg said while the discussion of the contracts wasn’t a violation the fact that the meeting notice didn’t specifically mention the contracts was. It was also found that the minutes from that meeting contained an error that made it appear that the district held its annual public hearing on the budget in closed session, which the district says was a simple clerical error that will be corrected at their next meeting. In a statement, Beaver Dam Superintendent Steve Vessey said the district accepts the decision and will strive to improve its meeting notices. Board members will also attend training on the Open Meetings Law so they can better understand their responsibilities. Board President Marge Jorgensen added that the board is made up of dedicated individuals who care about children. She said, “We are not lawyers but make every effort to comply with the law. Like our students, we are constantly learning and adapting.”