Snipe is 3.5 year old 80lb, Labrador mix.
This guy has legs for days and it is the cutest thing!
There is nothing better then a well behaved house horse. He may be big but he is very well mannered and will respect your commands without a fuss. With that being said he does however still have his moments of just being a dog. Snipe likes to rip apart his toys. Which makes sense as he has a high prey drive. When he sees us holding his harness his body just can not control the excitement. Once harnessed and ready to go he is a perfect gentleman on his walk. Our dog walkers have nothing but great things to say about this guy. Just like any dog he still has his moments but he is an amazing dog. Snipe will love you forever and always make sure you know it.
Snipe came from a shelter in Texas. He was adopted and returned through no fault of his own. The adopter felt he just couldn’t give him the time he needed.
Snipe is a very goofy guy and the laughs will forever be endless with him around.
While In the adopters home we learned that he is an amazing dog. He didn’t have accidents in the home. He does not like being kenneled but would only destroy his toys and nothing else in the home when left out.
Snipe is crate trained and house trained. He loves long walks and does very well on leash.
He gets along well with other dogs big and small but would do best in a home without cats or other small animals. As he has a high prey drive.
He catches onto manners and routines very well.
You can visit Snipe at the Dodge County Humane Society any Tuesday or Thursday from 12-7. As well as Saturdays from 12-4.
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