Skittles Scatter Across Dodge County Highway

(Dodge County) After days of dealing with icy roads, Dodge County Highway crews dealt with a different kind of road hazard yesterday morning. Sheriff Dale Schmidt says someone hauling candy lost some of the supply on Highway S Tuesday night, resulting in hundreds of thousands of Skittles coating the highway. He says a box of candy must have unintentionally broken as a driver was going down the road. Schmidt says all the Skittles were the same color, appearing to be pink after dissolving on the road. He is not sure if Skittles would be an effective deicer but says they probably gave drivers more traction. The sheriff says he would venture to guess some of the stickiness would hold the tires to the pavement a little better. In posting the story to Facebook, Schmidt used the candy company’s tagline teasing “it is certainly clear it may be difficult to taste the rainbow.”