SKDS Capital Campaign Targeting Upgrades To Steeple

(Beaver Dam) Fundraising efforts are underway to expand the St. Katharine Drexel Parish in Beaver Dam. Father Mike Erwin says the “Building From Our Belief” capital campaign aims to raise funds to improve accessibility, enhance worship space and expand their facilities on South Spring Street. Erwin says another focus area is addressing the church’s steeple which has several beams inside that need to be replaced. He adds that it might be fixed through removing the top half, remanufacture it, and have a crane place the steeple back atop the church. In addition to steeple reconstruction and handicap accessibility, the worship space which would see updated pews, lighting, new carpet, fresh paint, an audio/video upgrade and an enhanced choir area. The general gathering area would be increased in size creating a multi-purpose space, meeting rooms and storage. The campaign would also target exterior repairs to bricks and mortar, the steeple and the parking lot. The fundraising drive has a minimum goal of $2-million dollars and an ultimate goal of $3-million dollars, which would allow the project to be completed without debt. More information is available at:

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