Six States Participate in Speed Enforcement Day

(Wisconsin) Law enforcement officers from multiple Midwest states are banning together today (Wednesday) to combat speeding. The Region 5 Speed Awareness Day enforcement campaign sees the involvement of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin, as authorities seek to address the drastic increase in speed and hazardous moving violations. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that traffic deaths increased in 2021, during the height of the COVID pandemic, by 10.5 percent. Region 5 saw 5,413 fatal injuries with 1,668 or 30.8 percent being speed related the year prior.

Authorities note that speeding is more than just illegal, but could cause a loss of vehicle control, increases stopping distance, reduces effectiveness of protection equipment, and increases fuel consumption.

The high visibility speed awareness campaign combines a zero-tolerance enforcement strategy with effective communication on the importance of obeying the speed limit. The Sheriff’s Office says the campaign works in tandem with crash reduction efforts introduced in late 2017, which has seen an approximate decrease in the number of fatal crashes from 2018 through 2021 of 32 percent.