Six Killed In Northern Wisconsin Plane Crash

7/3/17 – Six people have been found dead after a small private plane crashed early Saturday at Catawba in Price County in far northern Wisconsin. Sheriff’s officials say the plane left Chicago for a fishing trip to Canada when it went down in a forested area near Highways 111 and Eight about 3:20am Saturday morning — and officials say it lost altitude before going out of radio contact. The sheriff did not confirm the number of victims until Sunday, and they did not release any names though all six were adults. Tigoa Elementary School in the Chicago suburb of Bensenville announced on Facebook that physical education teacher Thomas DeMauro and district maintenance director Chuck Tomlitz were among those killed, and officials said the wreckage had spread for about one quarter mile. The FAA and the National Transportation Safety Board are investigating, and an NTSB investigator said there was a discussion about a possible “local weather phenomenon” in the area — but details on that were not released.