Silent Parade In Juneau Honors September 11th Fallen

(Juneau) Tiny American flags lined the roadway marking the route of last Tuesday night’s silent parade in Juneau. The event is in honor of those who lost their lives in the September 11th attacks. Emergency vehicles from area EMT, Police, and fire departments converged on Juneau in a display of lights. Parade organizer Dan Jahnke spoke to the importance of remembering those who had fallen in the events of 9-11 saying that all the individuals who are there in the parade are in the service, and they know that when they get the call they do not know what will happen. Jahnke says 9-11 was tragic, but  what this country needs now is to stick together and do things like the silent parade and to not forget.

Scott Lawrence, a retired EMT with Juneau EMS, was on hand with his family to show his support to his brothers and sisters in service. He says that most of the people who serve local communities are volunteers, and without their service there would be no one to come to your aid should you need it.

Horicon Fire Chief Jim Bandsma praised the community support and conveyed how much it means to the emergency response teams present.  Bandsma says that, although the mosquitos were ever present Tuesday night, it did stop members of the community from lining the roadways in support.

Although the silent parade is a symbol to honor fallen heroes, Lieutenant Eric Waugus with the Beaver Dam Fire Department says that they do not do what they do to be a hero.  He says everyone is just doing their job, they do not come into work asking to be a hero, they just do what they need to do and hopefully go home at the end of the day.


Watch video of the 2018 Silent Parade here:

9-11 Silent Parade 2018