Sikh Community Receives Letters of Support

t’s been two weeks since a gunman killed a half-dozen Sikh Temple worshippers in Oak Creek – and the community has received hundreds of letters of support and concern. They’ve come from ambassadors, Members of Congress, and folks from throughout the world. Mayor Steve Scaffidi has placed 19 of the letters on a bulletin board, so residents of Oak Creek can see what the well-wishers are saying. Many expressed sympathy and said they were appalled by the tragedy – and all of the writers said Oak Creek residents are in their thoughts and prayers. The display includes President Obama’s proclamation to the city. A man from Malaysia thanked police lieutenant Brian Murphy for trying to save one of the victims when he was shot himself. The police department has received over a-thousand messages, most for Murphy – who remains hospitalized in satisfactory condition. A Sikh police officer from England said he wished he could have been there to help. Others praised the community for the way it responded. Mayor Scaffidi said he has found comfort and solace in the letters – and he promises to answer as many as he can. One local resident told the mayor quote, “You have handled this horrible situation with great composure, compassion, and confidence. Your actions and words have brought such peace-of-mind to our older adult neighbors. Thank you representing our Oak Creek community with dignity.”