Signage Installed Allowing ATV’s On Juneau City Streets

(Juneau) It is now officially legal to ride an ATV on the streets of Juneau as new signage has been erected. The common council in May approved an ordinance that allows off-road vehicles to travel through the city. All-terrain vehicle enthusiasts have made significant inroads in their efforts to connect regional trails. The Quad County Runners petitioned the Juneau Common Council, noting that recent changes in municipal ordinances will help ATV operators in cities and villages get out to the main trails. The changes in Juneau will allow the trail to connect to a route established in the Town of Burnett. Police Chief Dave Beal noted in a social media post over the weekend that anyone operating an ATV/UTV must hold a valid driver’s license and follow all traffic laws. Beal has told us that the ordinance is a much better way to “control” the use of ATV’s and UTV’s in the city. He notes that Highway DJ and Highway W are the only ATV routes in and out of Juneau. There are roughly 200 miles of zig-zagging trails for ATV’s and UTV’s designated with signage in a system from Waterloo in Jefferson County to Theresa in Dodge County, using primarily town roads with county roads as connectors. Over half the 24 townships in Dodge County have adopted ordinances to accommodate ATVs and UTVs. The goal is to eventually be able to ride from Jefferson County to Sheboygan County. The ordinances approved in each individual jurisdiction can be found on the Quad City Runner’s website.





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