Sheriffs Office Reminds Motorists To Utilize Headlights

(Dodge County) With days getting shorter and inclement weather just around the corner, the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office is reminding motorists of the importance of keeping your vehicles headlights maintained and just as important, using them appropriately.  As a simple rule of thumb, it is recommended that you turn on your headlights when driving in weather such as fog, and rain.  If your windshield wipers are on your headlights should be too.  According to the law no person may operate a vehicle upon a roadway during the hours of darkness or during a period of limited visibility unless all headlamps, tail lamps, and clearance lamps that are regularly equipped to the vehicle are lighted.  In addition, the operator of a vehicle shall keep all lamps and reflectors equipped on the vehicle reasonably clean and in proper working condition.


Ensuring your lights are on and in good working order not only makes it easier and safer for you to drive on our states many roadways, but it also makes easier for other motorists to see you as well.