Sheriff’s Department Offering Child ID’s At Dodge County Fair

(Beaver Dam) With the Dodge County Fair getting underway, the Sheriff’s Office is reminding attendees to stay safe while enjoying the activities. Sheriff Dale Schmidt says they will once again be giving away child ID’s. The cards are small enough to be stored inside a wallet or pocket and can be quickly presented to first responders and includes the child’s name, birthdate and any identifying information.

Schmidt says instead of gathering information, the card saves valuable time that can be used to search for a missing child. The ID’s will be available at the sheriff’s office trailer which is located underneath the grandstand at the fairgrounds. Schmidt says visitors can wave down a deputy if you see them walking around.

The sheriff discourages anyone underage from drinking during the festivities. He says deputy’s will be asking for ID’s and anyone underage attempting to purchase alcohol will be removed from the fair.

Schmidt also asks attendees to report any suspicious behavior and out-of-the-ordinary including fights. He says his office will also be on the lookout for counterfeit bills being used at the fair.