Sheriff Warns of Phone Scam Targeting Grandparents

The Dodge County Sheriffs Department is warning the public of another telephone scam that is targeting senior citizens. Sheriff Todd Nehls says another local resident fell victim this past week, losing $3,500. The scam is increasingly familiar; the victim receives a call from a person stating their grandchild is in trouble and needs money sent to them for either legal help or transportation back home from out of the country. In this most recent case, the caller said the woman’s granddaughter was with two guys who were pulled over by police in Peru. The men had marijuana and she was arrested with them. The caller says the money will be used for bail and an attorney. The con artist may have the name of a grandchild so the calls appear to be legitimate; in other cases the caller tricks the victim into telling them the name. The victim is then told to send money via Western Union only to later discover that the grandchild was never even in trouble. Nehls says if you receive a similar phone call, make sure you ask to speak directly with the family member in trouble and ask questions only your grandchild would know the answer to. Then ask the caller to provide a phone number and their official title and name. Also, call your family to verify the potential situation. Nehls urges caution when dealing with any unsolicited calls. In this case the victim was so cooperative they first sent around $1800 and then another $1600 on a follow-up call.