Sheriff Warns Of Heroin, Meth Dangers In Monthly Column

4/28/17 – Dodge County residents are being warned about the dangers of heroin and methamphetamines. In his April column, Sheriff Dale Schmidt says it his goal to continue to educate the public about the drug epidemic that is taking so many lives. He says that many heroin addictions begin with the use of pain medications resulting from injuries to help deal with pain. They then find that heroin is a cheaper option than the pain pills that are available in the black market. Schmidt adds that simple economics switches someone from pain pills to heroin. Schmidt says that methamphetamines have been slowly making its way into Dodge County as an alternative to heroin and has a different type of high. It speeds up the system as opposed to slowing down the system. Schmidt adds that most users realize that their chances of overdosing are much slimmer but it greatly reduces their quality of life in the long run and makes them more dangerous to law enforcement because they can become more aggressive. Schmidt writes in his article at this is not simply a law enforcement problem, but a community problem and that it will take help of everyone to combat these issues.