Sheriff Schmidt Encourages Unity In July Column

(Juneau) The Dodge County Sheriff is calling for people to unify and consider other perspectives in his monthly column. Dale Schmidt says what is going on in our nation is unfortunate and it seems that the country is more divided than ever. He says while there are those whose objective is to unify and raise concerns surrounding real and perceived inequities, others have chosen to take advantage of the situation by pushing personal or political agendas.

The sheriff recounted a recent conversation he had with a young woman named Kaci, a representative of the group “All Of Us, For Us.” Schmidt says he learned a bit about the Black Lives Matter organization and their purpose. He says as he spoke with Kaci, they both learned that their viewpoints are not very different. The conversation yielded the agreement that there are overwhelmingly good people in this world and there are also bad apples in any ethnicity or profession. Schmidt says that includes white people, black people and law enforcement.

The two also discussed opportunities to begin bringing opposing sides together, highlighting the importance of education as a benefit to everyone; regardless of personal viewpoints on current events.

Schmidt also called out the media, on both sides, for sensationalizing the issue to (quote) “make a good story.” He says this makes it difficult to unify people behind the single cause of ensuring everyone is treated equally.

The column also discusses the men and woman of the sheriff’s office. Schmidt says that there are times they may make a mistake, and when that happens, they take every step necessary to coach, train and mentor them. He says they do not tolerate racism, unnecessary use of force or criminal behavior by anyone. The sheriff writes that he supports his staff as well as backs and defends the rights of all people. In closing, Schmidt asks everyone to consider the perspectives of others as he and Kaci did recently.