Sheriff Reminding Motorists Of School Bus Safety

9/5/17 – The Dodge County Sheriff is reminding motorists of the proper procedure when approaching school busses. It is back to school for many kids which means school busses will be out in force picking up students for their first day of classes. Dale Schmidt is hanging up posters in the community to remind citizens that when the stop arm is out, the red lights are flashing and the bus is at a standstill, drivers must stop. Schmidt is also encouraging drivers to stop even if the yellow lights are on first. If you cannot stop, proceed with caution. He says there are differences to note between bus pickups in the city and in the country. Schmidt says in the city busses pull over to the side of the ride and activate their yellow four-way flashers, meaning no one has to stop. In the country or a location where there is no sidewalk they will stop in the middle of the road and turn their red flashers on, which means stop. Schmidt says motorists who do not comply can get a $300 ticket and a four point violation against their driver’s license.