Sheriff Issues Press Release Following Critical Spillman Survey

(Juneau) Dodge County Sheriff Dale Schmidt issued a press release Wednesday in response to complaints from the Beaver Dam Police Department on a new countywide records management system. On Tuesday, the Beaver Dam Police and Fire Commission heard the results of a survey on Spillman, which links 18 local municipal law enforcement agencies together. Police Chief John Kreuziger says his staff is reporting that Spillman works fine for administrative functions at the station but is time-consuming and cumbersome for officers out on the street, creating a potential public safety issue. The sheriff was at the meeting but the commission chair chose not to take public comments and Schmidt issued the press release to (quote) “provide further information for an accurate assessment of the facts.” He says attempts have been made in the two weeks since receiving the survey to meet with city officials but those attempts were declined. He cited an email from Police Chief John Kreuziger that said the chief was waiting for advice from the city attorney and PFC before any meeting. The commission is expected to meet in special session later this month to discuss the next step. In the press release, Schmidt refutes claims that training for Beaver Dam patrol officers was inadequate. He says several Beaver Dam officers failed to complete required training by either not attending or saying additional training was not needed. Chief Kreuziger declined to comment on the press release other than to say that there needs to be communication about changes for patrol.

You can read the survey results from Beaver Dam Police officers here:

Spillman Survey BDPD Response

The sheriff’s responses to the survey questions can be found here:

Response to BDPD Spillman Survey

The sheriff’s full press release can be read here:

Sheriff’s Office Committed to BDPD – Spillman