Sheriff Dishes On Beef With Cattle Drive

11/17/17 – The Dodge County Sheriff recently shed some light on the cattle drive that never came to pass last weekend. The plan was to have 15 horseback riders move 50 cows from the town of Lebanon through Hustisford to a farm at Juneau. But as soon as the drive began, deputies say a number of the animals wandered into a neighboring field of soybeans, causing damage to the crop — and the cattle were then corralled and the drive ended as soon as it started. Sheriff Dale Schmidt says he was against the drive from the beginning because of his own experience with cattle working on his family farm as a child. His grandparents grew up on County J just south of Beaver Dam and they would traverse their cattle across the road twice a day. From that experience, he recalls the cattle always had a mind of their own and wanted to go in the opposite direction. Schmidt says the cattle owner told him that he did not want to risk injury or death of his livestock hauling them by truck, which had happened on a couple occasions in the past 15 years. This week on WBEV’s Community Comment, Schmidt told us that he believes the cattle would have had difficulties traversing the 15-mile route. He says when he sometimes stands up from his desk he can pull a muscle and the distance involved would have been too exhaustive for the livestock. Schmidt says he hopes farmers will use this as an example moving forward. The sheriff’s office is working with the owners of the cattle and the damaged field to resolve the matter.