Sheriff Conducting Background Checks On Fair Vendors

7/24/17 – The Dodge County Fair is right around the corner. In the weeks leading up to the event, Sheriff Dale Schmidt says his staff is conducting background checks on the employees and vendors working the fair. Schmidt says they will be mostly trying to identify individuals who have travelled from outside the county or state with the goal of spotting registered sex offenders. With the amount of children attending Schmidt says it is important to not create an environment that could lead to potential victims. While the background checks will not be exhaustive, they will help identify any offenders so police can remove them. Schmidt says they will continue to monitor out-of-towners throughout the festival. The public is encouraged to notify authorities if they suspect someone or know of anyone attending who cannot be around children. This will be the first year that the sheriff’s office is investigating the workers. Schmidt says this was something he wanted in 2016 but was not able to hammer out the details until this year. He says the most important was getting information from the Fair Board about the vendors and workers so they can conduct the searches. The sheriff says the background checks will be something his office will continue to do moving forward. The Dodge County Fair will run from August 16 through the 20.