Sharing the Roadways – Motor Cycle Safety

(Dodge County) Warmer weather means many Wisconsin residents are pulling their motor cycles out of the garage and hitting the roads and Dodge County Traffic Safety Coordinator Joel Kiesow is urging motorists to keep an eye out while traveling the states roadways.  May also happens to be Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month within the state, and the Dodge County Safety Commission has shared some tips for motorists and motorcyclists alike to minimize potentially fatal incidents.

The commission says motorists should remember that motorcycles may be small vehicles, but they have the same rights of the road as any other motorist.  Drivers should utilize their turn signals when changing lanes or merging, utilize their mirrors and check blind spots, and allow for more following distance when behind a motorcycle.

Riders are reminded to wear a helmet and other protective gear, obey all traffic laws, wear brightly colored clothing, and when possible ride in the middle of the lane to increase visibility.  Both drivers and riders alike are reminded to never drive distracted or impaired.


Since 2015 Dodge county has seen 107 motorcycle crashes resulting in injury and nine fatalities.