Shadows On The Hillside Coming To Columbus Cemetery On Halloween

(Columbus) The Hillside Cemetery in Columbus will come alive this Halloween as actors and volunteers from the Columbus Area Historical Society and Museum present Shadows on the Hillside – Tombstone Tales. The single day event features guided tours of Columbus’s Hillside Cemetery, affording attendees the opportunity to learn more about the city’s past. Live reenactors will bring the past alive through stories of early settlers, their prosperity and challenges, and tales of politics, war, and typhus. During a recent WBEV Community Comment, Peter Kaland offered a sneak peek at some of the historical residents being highlighted.

This includes Adolphus Ingalsbe and his wife Sarah. Kaland says Adolphus caught the gold fever of 1849, striking it rich in California before settling down in Columbus as one of the wealthiest landowners in the area.

Also to be featured is Wisconsin’s 9th Governor, James T. Lewis.  Lewis was the first lawyer in Columbus before going on to serving on the state assembly, then as a state senator, followed by Lieutenant Governor, and finally Governor of Wisconsin.

Shadows on the Hillside – Tombstone Tales will run from 9am till 2pm on October 31st with shows starting every 20 minutes. It is advised to purchase tickets in advance by calling 920-285-1953 although tickets will be available at the event.