Sex Trafficking Program Sheds Light On Evolving Problem

(Beaver Dam) There was a packed house Thursday night at Harvest Church in Beaver Dam for a program on sex trafficking. The non-profit group 5-Stones Beaver Dam hosted “Not In Our Town: The Face Of Trafficking In Rural Areas.”

The keynote speaker was Assistant US Attorney Julie Pfluger who presented a series of startling facts. Among them, Pfluger says one sex trafficker joined websites for single mothers, in hopes that they have daughters that are vulnerable. That trafficker drove from Wisconsin to Tennessee to pickup a 15-year-old girl and had her in the commercial sex trade the next day. Pfluger says you should check your kids phones for the app Omegle, which connects strangers with perverts. She says it’s the most common social media app found in the cases she prosecutes.

Dodge County District Attorney Klomberg urges parents to monitor their children’s use of social media and notes that children do not have privacy rights.

Representatives with Dodge County’s domestic violence shelter PAVE were in the audience and made note that their shelter has helped trafficking victims in the past and their doors are always open to anybody who needs help.

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