Sex Offender Petitioning To Live In Mayville

1/24/17 – A registered sex offender will have to wait a bit longer before learning if he can take up residence in the City of Mayville.  Last night, Mayville’s six alderpersons met not as the common council but rather as the city’s sex offender board.  33-year-old Wayne Sykes of Oconomowoc was appealing the denial of his request to live at 426 North Main Street.  In 2003, Sykes pled no contest to felony Third Degree Sexual Assault in a Fond du Lac County courtroom for having had sexual relations with his now fiancé when he was 18 and she was 15.  City ordinance states a registered sex offender may not live within 1,200 feet of any place children might commonly congregate.  Last night, Sykes said Mayville would be a great place to raise his two children and admitted to learning from the ‘stupid decisions’ he made as a teenager.  The matter was tabled last night after Police Chief Chris MacNeill told the sex offender board that state records show Sykes is not currently in compliance with his sex offender registry, the same felony he pled no contest to in 2013.  During his four years in city government, Mayor Rob Boelk says registered offenders are 0-2 in petitioning the board, which will reconsider Sykes’ request in two weeks.  The board told Sykes to get back into compliance with his registry and requested his future mother-in-law come to the meeting as a character witness, as she was the one who reported the sexual assault to law enforcement.