Senior Month! Rogue, Brownell and Dino

Rogue is a 6 year old female Labrador

Brownell is a 6 year old male mixed breed dog

Dino   We can’t believe this handsome 5 year old boy is still here! Dino is one of our special visitors from MADACC staying in our Feline Leukemia cat room. Dino is FeLV+ so he is spending time with his other FeLV+ buddies until they all find homes! He’s such a good boy who would LOVE a family. Being FeLV+ Dino has to be an indoor and only cat (as to not spread the disease). But he can live with other FeLV+ cats! The good news is that Feline Leukemia, while it is highly contagious to other cats, cannot be spread to humans, dogs, rabbits or any other animal. Adoption fees are waived on FeLV+ cats so that those funds can be put towards care should they develop a respiratory virus (as their immune system is weaker with FeLV. ).