Senators, Congressman Weigh In On Immigration Policy

2/13/17 – We also asked the elected senate and congressional representatives who in attendance at last night’s dinner to weigh in on the president’s executive order on immigration and the raids that are occurring in some communities. While not a lot of details are known about the arrests, reports over the weekend have indicated that the vast majority of those being taken into custody are criminals including gang members and wife beaters but also a mother of two convicted of using a false social security card given to her as a minor. When asked where the line is being drawn, Senator Johnson the line should be drawn where it keeps Americans safe.


Congressman Glenn Grothman says we have had several presidents in a row who did not treat our immigration laws seriously. The Republican from Glenbeulah says Donald Trump is (quote) “going to have to use the bully pulpit to explain to the public why we have immigration laws.”


Congressmen Jim Sensenbrenner was named last month as the new Chairman of the House Immigration and Border Security Subcommittee by House Speaker Paul Ryan, a position he said he quote “did not ask for because it is a tough one.” He says the executive order overturned by a federal judge had some problems because (quote) “people who are green card holders obviously are not terrorists” and the matter should be “redone.” He says there are no problems with anybody with a visa from 43 predominantly Muslim countries but there are problems with people from Muslim-majority countries where there are terrorists that are “embedded.” Sensenbrenner cited the Paris attacks is saying that he is concerned that “Isis can put moles into people that claim to be coming here as refugees.”