Senator Scott Fitzgerald Working to Get Beaver Dam Grant Money They Were Promised

(Beaver Dam) Beaver Dam has obtained $26 million dollars in grant funding this year, but not all of that money is in city coffers just yet. Officials received word in June that they will be getting $3.7 million to cover the entire cost of the acquisition and demolition of ten downtown buildings. State Senator Scott Fitzgerald told us on WBEV’s Community Comment yesterday that he’s been working with city and state officials to cut through the red tape and get that money to the city. The Department of Commerce is calling into question the city’s grant application, saying the project began before the money was awarded. The downtown project was spurred by last year’s flooding and immediate action was taken because of concerns that the corner Celestial building would fall into the river. State officials were even on hand at a demolition ceremony to announce the funding. Mayor Tom Kennedy remains optimistic; he says they’ve been working night and day to clear up the technicalities and cut through the bureaucracy.