Senator Discusses Health Care, Homeland Security On WBEV

3/13/17 – US Senator Ron Johnson discussed several national and global political issues with us when he was our guest Friday on WBEV’s Community Comment. Among other things Johnson, who serves on the committees on Foreign Relations and Budget and is chairman of Homeland Security and Government affairs, weighed in on growing tensions on the Korean peninsula. Johnson says the US has been trying to negotiate with North Korea for decades but has gotten nowhere and that they have been unwavering in their quest to become a nuclear power, which they are.


In regards to the Affordable Care Act, Johnson says we need to repair the damage being done by Obamacare. He says the primary damage is the sky-rocketing premiums and says it’s important to give patients the freedom to choose insurance products they can afford and keep their doctors. In regards to President Trump’s proposed wall, Johnsons points to Israel as a model of building border protection. He says they were having 16-thousand people coming into the country annual until they built a wall at $2.9 million per mile. Johnson noted that it is cheaper that what is being discussed in the US, and cut the Israeli illegal immigration rate down to 18-percent. He added that you do not need to cover 100-percent of the border, saying that more boots on the ground and technology would be an important asset.


In the continuing wake of government information leaks and reports of the Russian government manipulating the US presidential election, Johnson says he is concerned about the Russian influence. He also says that it is not good that someone is in the government leaking highly classified information that could cost American’s their lives and risk national and homeland security. Johnson adds that with all the political turmoil he wants the public to wish the administration well, by putting aside partisan bickering and concentrate on areas of agreement.


The segment can be heard here: