Senate Candidate Zimmerman Campaigning On Election Reform

(Janesville) We wrapped up our conversations Friday with the four candidates on the April 6th ballot for State Senate District 13. Spencer Zimmerman of Janesville is a member of the Trump Conservative Party which was formed in response to establishment Republicans who were not supporting then-presidential nominee Donald Trump. 

I first ran as a Trump Conservative in 2016, I’ve always wanted to serve my country,” he says, “I was active-duty Air Force for four years, I was actually on duty during the 9-11 terrorist attacks. After my time in the Air Force, I just thought that public office would be a good way to continue serving.” 

Zimmerman is campaigning on a platform of election reform, saying fraud determined the outcome of the 2020 contest, there should term limits and the ballot placement process is flawed, favoring establishment candidates in the major parties. He is calling for the playing field to be leveled by instituting a policy of random ballot placement.  

“We need to randomize the ballot placement giving each candidate equal opportunity,” he says, “Other states do this, Texas does this, where they randomize ballot placement, where that advantage that can be as much as 20-percentage points isn’t just handed to one candidate, that’s an election reform that I think needs to happen.” 

You can hear our conversation with Zimmerman on, along with the other three candidates on the ballot who appeared on WBEV’s Community Comment this week: Republican John Jager, Democrat Melissa Winker and Ben Schmitz of the American Solidarity Party. 


Photo courtesy of the Vote Spencer Zimmerman Facebook page