Second Senate Candidates Debate Planned For Saturday Night, Watch It Live On

(Madison) When asked about late term abortions in their U-S Senate Debate Monday night, Democratic incumbent Tammy Baldwin says she supports a woman’s right to choose, and that her Republican challenger Leah Vukmir “has been at the very extreme.” Baldwin says Vukmir has supported legislation that would ban in-vitro fertilization as well as ban accesses to some forms of contraception and stem-cell research. Vukmir, a Republican state Senator and a nurse, said Baldwin voted to allow mothers to kill their babies through partial birth abortions. She says an abortion is the most disgusting thing that can happen. The two debated for the first time Monday night, on the campus of UW Milwaukee. Their second debate is Saturday beginning at 7pm, it will be streamed live on the video and news tabs on


Courtesy of Wisconsin Radio Network