Search for Bank Robber Continues in FDL

8/3/11 – Nine photos have been released of the man suspected of robbing Hometown Bank in Fond du Lac. The Fond du Lac Police Department released the photos taken by the bank’s cameras during Monday morning’s robbery. It shows the suspect, the clothing he was wearing and even the backpack he was carrying that he ditched on a front lawn just down the street from the bank. Police are hoping someone may recognize the man in the photos and give them information that will lead to the man’s arrest. Meanwhile, Fond du Lac Police Captain Mike Frank says the suspect may have picked the bank at random. He says the man made no attempt to disguise or conceal his appearance and no one in the bank recognized him. For that reason it’s believed the man did not case the bank ahead of time. Frank also says even though no weapon was displayed during the robbery the note the robber passed to the teller demanding money was threatening enough to warrant an armed robbery charge. (KFIZ, Fond du Lac)