Screening Of Fred MacMurray Christmas Movie Tonight At Beaver Dam Library

12/20/17 – There will be a special screening tonight of a Christmas movie starring Fred MacMurray. Remember The Night will be shown at the Beaver Dam Community Library. MacMurray grew up in Beaver Dam and stars in the 1940 movie alongside Barbara Stanwyck. MacMurray is a prosecutor while Stanwyck plays a jewel thief and the two find themselves heading home to Indiana for the holidays. Local historian Roger Noll says the movie has a subtle connection to Beaver Dam in that all of the photos of the MacMurray character as a young man in the film were from his childhood in Beaver Dam, including his high school graduation. The high school was located in what is now the middle school. There is a second connection to Beaver Dam in the movie that comes when MacMurray and Stanwick are stranded on farm overnight and have to milk a cow. MacMurray’s experience milking cows growing up in Beaver Dam was referenced during the promotion of the film. The screening at the Beaver Dam Community Library begins at 5:30pm tonight with the airing of the holiday episode of the variety show The Dinah Shore Chevy Hour from 1957 featuring Fred MacMurray. Remember The Night follows at 6:30pm.

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