Screening Of Fred MacMurray ‘Beaver Dam Movie’ Wednesday

11/1/17 – A local historian is screening a movie  Wednesday night with ties to Beaver Dam. Roger Noll says “Pardon My Past” starring Fred MacMurray is known locally as “the Beaver Dam movie” with ten direct references to the city. Noll says the film was the only time MacMurray acted as producer and he used the opportunity to put his hometown in the spotlight. The movie premiered in Beaver Dam at the Odeon in December of 1945.  Noll notes that in the time before there was a television in every home, movie theaters changed their offerings more than once a week. As a result, the MacMurray film was only in theatre’s for a couple weeks. The movie also stars William Demarest who went on to play Uncle Charlie in My Three Sons. Pardon My Past will be shown at the Beaver Dam Community Library beginning 6pm. Noll will also be showing the episode of My Three Sons where MacMurray repeatedly references his hometown of Beaver Dam, Wisconsin.;id=3617&fDD=-0