Scott Fitzgerald Releases Statement After TNT Liquor License Approval

(Madison) Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald released a statement Monday after the Lebanon Town Board approved a liquor license for TNT Gentleman’s Club last week. Fitzgerald says while local officials have acted responsibly by being deliberative with their decisions to renew the license, they have been handicapped by threats of litigation from the establishments deep-pocketed owners and their Madison-based attorneys. TNT’s license renewal was called into question after alleged incidents of sex-trafficking at the strip club came to light in a federal indictment. The Hardware Store in Clyman was also named in the federal complaint, their license renewed last month. Fitzgerald says it is time for the state to step in and rectify this imbalance and added that he has been in contact with the Wisconsin Department of Justice and the Wisconsin Department of Revenue to explore further options. The Juneau Republican says he is also investigating the need for legislation to fix any blind spots in state law. The TNT license was approved on the stipulations that the club would close for fifteen days, from July 1 until July 15, and that the owner promises not to sue the township and the town reserves the right to take action against the club’s license in the event of future violations or if any pending investigation reveals additional violations. Fitzgerald says that he will continue to work with state agencies on behalf of his constituents and that power must be put back in the hands of local residents who want to ensure that their communities are safe.