Scott Fitzgerald Reacts To Higher Than Projected State Tax Collections

(Madison) State tax collections were 75-and-half million dollars higher for the fiscal year than what the Legislative Fiscal Bureau had projected in May. But the Department of Revenue noted in an announcement yesterday (Monday) that the tax collection numbers have not been audited yet. That will be done in time for the state’s annual fiscal report released in October. Other factors will impact the state’s final bottom line once the books are closed, including final figures on what the state spent during the fiscal year. The Fiscal Bureau’s May projections also included an ending balance for 2018-19 of 948 million. Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald says that yesterday’s announcement proves that Wisconsin’s economy is strong and that the state government is well-prepared for the future. The Juneau Republican adds that the state is one of the best places in the country to start a business, raise a family, or retire. Fitzgerald adds that legislatures are committed to keeping the state headed in the right direction.


Courtesy of Wisconsin Radio Network