Scott Fitzgerald Pleased Governor Made Few Line Item Vetoes On State Budget

(Madison) State Senate Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald is generally pleased that Democratic Governor Tony Evers made relatively few line item vetoes on the state budget he signed on Wednesday. “I want to thank Governor Evers for signing the budget into law today, including fully embracing the middle-class tax cut. This budget targets state investments more responsibly and spends $2 billion less than the governor’s original plan,” Fitzgerald.

Evers used his line-item veto authority 78 times. Those partial vetoes increased per pupil aids to school districts, eliminated a work requirement for FoodShare recipients, and eliminated a so-called “Tesla provision” which was crucial in getting the budget through the senate.

Fitzgerald said he has yet to speak with Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, about the possibility for veto overrides in the fall. “I’m please that he signed it, and for the most part I would say because our veto was kept intact, it’s a good thing for the state of Wisconsin.”


Story and photo courtesy of Wisconsin Radio Network